Tuesday, 22 August 2017

And the tournament has begun!

And the tournament has begun! Yay! I'm a little late posting this because I have been away on a family holiday, playing in the sun. But now I'm back and raring to go!

So, what's been happening? Well, the team over at AAL & Create have been busy busy busy launching the International Tournament of Arts and Crafts. This is a wonderful LAID BACK, no pressure tournament that anyone can join in.

A few words from the blog:

The aim of this tournament is to inspire you, so that you not only enjoy yourself but so that everyone can enjoy participating in something creative together.

Over the course of five weeks, between the August, 11th and September, 08th, our five teams, including international guest artists representing the five continents of the world, will be setting a series of five challenges, each with its own theme, set of instructionstipstutorials and masterclasses to inspire you.
After this there will be the grand final, which will be the sixth and final challenge the September, 15th.

It will be a friendly and laidback competition and only one deadline at the end of the competition September, 24th – the most important thing will be to have fun !

The challenges have already begun. but don't sorry it's not too late to join in. 

Challenge 1 is Europe:

And challenge 2 is Asia:

Have a look at the website here for some fantastic inspiration. Come and join in the fun!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Exciting things ahead .... !

Well as usual I am up to something .... ! Exciting things keep coming along and I am always so happy to be a part of it. Over at AALL and Create things are happening this summer, so if you need a little something to keep your mojo alive then you need to take a peek. The details will be revealed *here*
Here is a little puzzle ... can you guess from the puzzle who else is involved? Exciting!

And here's a bit more info from AALL & Create:

As the seasons slowly pass and change, we need a little something to inspire us! Make us forget how hot or cold it may be! Something for us to look forward to!!!
So here at AALL & Create we have been spending that time plotting and planning for our next adventure. So what creative ideas are we brewing? What new project do you think we have got up our sleeves after our online workshops and our exclusive products?

Oh yes, we want to pique your curiosity! See if you can guess what we are about to reveal!
Tic Tac Tic Tac the countdown has begun!

We will be dropping a few clues here and there, on this page, on our Facebook page and group, on Instagram, Newsletter… Keep your eyes on your social media and subscribe to the newsletter then you should have a good chance of putting together the pieces of the puzzle!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

A patchwork of colour!

Stamps by Andy Skinner

Ooh I love me a bit of colour!  I made these patchwork backgrounds after discovering that I really, really like the brayered off pages I make when I'm gel plate printing. You know, the accidental artwork is often the best! So I deliberately created harsh lines and a patchwork effect here.

(Some of you have asked which brayer I prefer ... I use a Speedball soft brayer)

I used the highly pigmented DecoArt Media fluid acrylics without any gesso or Tinting Base, which is unusual for me, but you do get this very gorgeous vibrant colour :-)

I made a couple of large pages on smooth white card stock, and then cut it up into smaller pieces to allow me to create mini art journal pages.

Here are a few step-by-step pics so you can see how the layers built up:

Primary Yellow

Green Gold

Cobalt Teal Hue

Quinacridone Red/Magenta


A bit more Cobalt Teal Hue

And here's how it looks when I chop it all up into smaller pages. And doing it this way means I get lots of backgrounds to use for future mini art journal pages!

I used stamps by Andy Skinner with Archival inks to build up the backgrounds even more:

Byee for now!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Another video for Gel Press :-)

You know how much I like mono printing?! Well, I've got another video out today on the Gel Press youtube channel. Please do go and take a lookie :-)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Colourful and messy. That's how I like it!

Stencil: Corncob Etchings by Kasia Avery, Butterfly Collage for Crafters Workshop
Paper Dolls by Tim Holtz

 I LOVE this kind of art journaling ... the kind where you just set out on a page without a clue of where you are going to end up. I used my 'scribbling with paint' technique for this page. I was prepping for my regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart and I just *know* they were all expecting me to use a brayer as I have been stuck in a rut with that for a while, but I like to keep everyone on their toes ;-)

I used the latest stamp set by Everything Art. I love the vintage faces - last week I used them as a background on some mini art journaling pages (see that post here), but this time I used them more as a focal point.

The Tim Holtz Paper Dolls are great for art journaling, and personally, I love anything I don't have to cut out myself! I also used some of his stickers to make a 'found' poem.

Byee for now!